Project National Dex Bazaar

Volcanion + Heatran = Chaos

:volcanion:Volcanion is a Extremely Underrated Mon with 2 Great STAB Options: Steam Eruption (110 BP) and Flamethrower (90 BP) and Earth Power for Coverage additionally it has Substitute when it goes into a Good Matchup. Volcanion has a Good Matchup against Rain Due to Water Absorb additionally it is decent in Sun Though Its STAB Steam Eruption won't be a good option anymore.

:Heatran: Heatran is a Annoying Piece of Shit, it just spams Magma Storm after Maġma Storm and if u think Blissey can do Something the answer is NO Heatran just Traps her clicks Taunt so it can't Teleport out and then just clicks Toxic and Kill it. And for the people who thought Heatran doesn't sound broken enough IT NOW HES TERA.(Also This mf Absorbs Fire Type Attacks for Scizor)

:scizor-mega: Scizor is Quite a good Pokemon Demolishing mons like Diancie and Garganacl. With Heatran as a Partner Scizor is even better because people have to Fear the Flash Fire. This Mon is also Quite Bulky with a Base 70 HP and Base 140 Defense and with Roost along it's side it
is very Difficult to Kill.

:Landorus-Therian: Landorus-Therian is the Defogger of this team additionally it can U-turn into other Mons to get them in safely. Landorus is also the only Ground Type

:tornadus-therian: Tornadus-Therian is a Excellent Wall Breaker with Nasty Plot to Double it's already good Special Attack (319 into 638 Sp. Attack),
A Flyinium Z Hurricane , Heat Wave for Coverage and Taunt to prevent Mons using Toxic / T-wave.

:Rotom-wash: Rotom-wash is the fastest Mon on the team (448 After Choice Scarf). This washing machine absolutely hates Stall so it Tricks Choice Scarf to disable their stall. Additionally it has Will-O-Wisp to Crumble Physical Attackers. Lastly Rotom has Volt Switch to keep momentum going.
Specs Iron Valiant + idbp Zamazenta offense
Click on Here for the Koko variant
Click Here for washtom variant

Team Description
Pairing Iron Valiant and Zamazenta? What could go wrong?! Real talk this team has been goated through the testing rounds and through regular battles. Iron Valiant consistently put pressure on the opponents defensive pokemo such as heatran with focus blast, Rotom-wash and landorous-therian with specs boosted moonblast, toxapex with Thunderbolt and psyshock to keep clodsire on its little nubbins. Its pairing with koko gives the team a little more in the speed department with Quark Drive boosting its speed as this team is pretty slow and allows for it to threaten offensive teams as well. Zamazenta provides a win-con, extra speed control, and relives pressure from lando-t to keep physical attackers in check such as mega scizor, opposing lando-t (tho you have to be wary of toxic), and other physical attackers that don’t threaten it directly. Iron head is for the fairies that this team is very weak against as crunch doesn’t provide much utility other than hitting ghost types that Kingambit traps and the 30% flinch rate could be the difference between a win and a loss. The rest don’t really need introduction as landorous is the defogger and physical tank, heatran helps against the lele matchup and koko/wash are pivots. Koko is more of an offensive pivot that is able to take on Zapdos 1v1 while providing terrain support for the rest of the team canceling sleep and changing the terrain. Rotom is to help on the defensive side against rain and urshifu rapid which the team struggles with without making zamazenta use its terastilyzation.

Pros and cons of each team variation
Pros on koko variation: keeps Zapdos in check while also providing extra speed with electric terrain and it’s own natural speediness and offensive pressure towards taxapex
Cons: Needs to use tera as the water resist and doesn’t like urshifu rapid a lot doesn’t love rillaboom all that much

Pros on washtom variation: allows for slow defensive pivoting and gets valiant in safely most of the time and a water resist without tera as well as helping out in the effort of urshifu-rapid
Cons: doesn’t like toxapex very much is slower and rillaboom can find free switches on Rotom-wash if it’s double switched in or pivoted in by one of its teammates which this team doesn’t like very much anyway.
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About's Crackhead Fat Ft. The Worst Lele Set You've Ever Seen
:tapu-lele: :toxapex: :garganacl: :hippowdon: :mandibuzz: :scizor-mega:
This is NOT a sample submission

This is the team I brought to NDWC Week 3, while my performance may have been lackluster I had too much fun making the team to not do something with it after the fact

Blackmagik Blazing (Tapu Lele)
Ability: Psychic Surge
Tera Type: Steel
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Iron Defense
- Calm Mind
- Stored Power
- Draining Kiss

I feel like double dance tapu lele is somewhat slept on in this metagame. it thrives off the switches its much more common scarf variant forces, as basically any player won't take the risk of the amount of damage this thing can deal. struggles a lot w/ heatran or other defensive steels, but when paired with tera this thing can end games on the spot very quickly. while its lacking in immediate offensive power, after one or two calm minds it's capable of instantly killing basically any resists.

@ :heavy-duty-boots:
Chaos Emperor (Toxapex)
Ability: Regenerator
Tera Type: Dragon
EVs: 248 HP / 212 Def / 48 SpD
Impish Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Scald
- Recover
- Toxic
- Haze

the King Of Stall™ is back, and they're as good as ever. its main utility is dealing with the tier infested with setup sweepers by either crippling them with toxic, haze or a well-timed scald burn to take them out of the match for the rest of the game. its been used a billion times on a billion different teams and it'll be used on a billion more. other thing of note to mention is how well it pairs with hippo and mandi, as they can all check each others weaknesses fairly well

Ability: Purifying Salt
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Iron Defense
- Body Press
- Salt Cure
- Recover

newest member of the team, functions as a blanket special wall, especially when paired with hippo's sand. downright obscene bulk and can also threaten a sweep with iron defense if not answered quickly. also beats every ghold and 95% of pult sets with tera, which is a very nice side benefit. goes without saying but only 3 mons in the entire metagame are even ok with switching into this thing, 12% racks up fast, especially with sandstorm

Universal Collapse (Hippowdown)
Ability: Sand Stream
Tera Type: Steel
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Slack Off
- Earthquake
- Stealth Rock
- Toxic

anti-chary mon, also packs incredibly utility vs weather as a whole and especially so with the gargler. sandstorm is literally just free damage, as most of the team is immune to or unbothered by it. keeps mdia in check, beats lele, spreads tox, sets rocks, general utility mon that puts in good amounts of work into basically every matchup

@ :heavy-duty-boots:
Teenage Monster (Mandibuzz)
Ability: Overcoat
Tera Type: Poison
EVs: 252 HP / 88 Def / 152 SpD / 16 Spe
Impish Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Foul Play
- Defog
- Roost
- Taunt

fogger and utility mon, taunt lets it beat slow walls while also speed creeping mons like buzzwole that want to creep tran spreads. dark typing is especially useful here as it's one of the only mons that can comfortably switch into hoopa-us hyperspace fury and threaten back an ohko with foul play. I mainly ran foul play over knock as I felt being able to deal any reasonable damage at all to mons like kingambit or megas as a whole was more valuable

@ :scizorite:
Ammon's Scotoma (Scizor-Mega)
Ability: Technician
EVs: 252 HP / 112 Def / 124 SpD / 20 Spe
Impish Nature
- Bullet Punch
- U-turn
- Knock Off
- Roost

scizor mega's back at it again, its unique defensive profile is great into mons that'd normally give fat isssues like cb rilla or tapu lele. u turn is great for getting lele in, as you don't want it to take damage and reveal its item and knock off is a great way to force momentum into mons like garganacl that'd normally set up on scizor quite easily

The Gameplan:
generic fat gameplan, main wincon is to either deal heavy chip to answers to garg or lele so they can clean up late game, or soften up opposing mons enough that scizor can finish them off. garganacl, stealth rocks, toxic and sandstorm are all great ways of forcing chip, and knock can force mons to take hazard chip or remove leftover's passive recover

toxapex stops setup sweepers in their tracks, while also being able to burn physical attackers, severely lowering the damage they put out and making them much easier to wall

lele is great at forcing switches, as most people will expect a scarf variant, so they'll usually swap out whatever psychic/fairy weak pokemon they have in for one that resists the move, granted free turns to setup and go for the win

Main Weaknesses:

koko can easily throw a wrench into this team's plan, as hippo, who's the main answer takes a decent amount from u turn, alongside taking serious damage from grass knot if koko chooses to run it for some reason.

sd gliscor can pretty easily cleave this team in two, as with its immunity to status and stab eq to hit toxapex, it's very hard to stop once it gets going

since this team lacks a rocky helmet mon, mlop generally has free rein to pivot in and out throught out a match constantly

Wishlist for potential additions:

spikes are amazing into 99% of teams, and they rack up chip damage incredibly fast, especially vs teams that rely on tusk as a spinner or enjoy switching a lot, like opposing fat matchups. unfortunately skarmory felt a little too hard to slot so I was unable to fit it

:buzzwole: or :clefable:
more concrete gambit answers would be really nice, especially with how common it is in the tier, but just like skarmory, it was basically impossible to fit them on the team with the roles I needed to fill

pursuit support would be incredibly nice, especially for cleaning with lele, but unfortunately none of the pursuit users in the tier have enough longlevity to be used on fat consistently, as I feel that they're too easily worn down by hazards or chip


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Quadruple Band Hazard Stack Webs
:sv/ribombee: :sv/samurott-hisui: :sv/sneasler: :sv/kleavor: :sv/gholdengo: :sv/dragonite:
the paste
Some quick heat ive been having a fair ammount of success with, gholdengo is mandatory for keeping hazards up and ribombee is the best setter for webs right now. This team centers around abusing sneasler and kleavor u turns. people who run pex to handle sneasler can get 2hko'd by kleavor stone axe while you set rocks
252 Atk Choice Band Sharpness Kleavor Psycho Cut vs. 252 HP / 192+ Def Toxapex: 192-226 (63.1 - 74.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery or flat out ohko'd by tera psychic psycho cut
252 Atk Choice Band Sharpness Tera Psychic Kleavor Psycho Cut vs. 252 HP / 192+ Def Toxapex: 288-338 (94.7 - 111.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO after 1 layer of Spikes
Banded samurott with tera fighting can 2hko an iron defence boosted skarm if ghol is down for whatever reason while living 1 body press from +2, it also 3hkos a lot of resists with banded ceaseless edge allowing you to set 3 layers of spikes while theyre forced to click recovery moves. Banded Dnite allows you to deal with teams that may outspeed you even after webs with stuff like unburden lucha, alolan raichu and unburden sneasler and hisuian lilligant with chlorophyll which are very popular right now.

Sneasler can fish for status with u turns and dire claw or drop insane banded CCs with poison chance.

While running a load of choice locked mons is typically not the best idea in this case it allows you to set hazards with tempo on webs which is something a normal webs team is unable to do and allows the banded mons to break past things that would normally wall them even with resisted moves. for example full phys def skarmory may be able to wall kleavor stone axe the first time it switches in but now its chipped and has to recover rather than fog then after cycling into ghol then back to kleavor it now risks a 60% 2hko from full with rocks up if it wants to come in again while helmet corv risks an 80% 2hko from the same situation. as a matter of a fact kleavor has an incredible matchup vs almost every fogger in the tier right now even 3hko'ing defensive lando at -1 while keeping rocks up .

Every single mon on this team has a scenario where it can tera to flip matchups that are unfavourable and generally is about as solid as a webs HO can get with hazards managing to overwhelm checks that would normally handle a webs team like this.


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Wanted to give a shot to Lilligant-Hisui, and after toying with it a bit I think the mon is viable:
:lilligant-hisui: :volcarona: :iron valiant: :landorus-therian: :Gyarados-mega: :gholdengo:

Considering how annoying Hustle accuracy can be, I felt like its more consistent use could be as being a Z-Move early game wallbreaker, forcing progress early game for its teammates to capitalize on. Iron Valiant felt like a natural addition as it enjoys Lilli doing a gazillion damages to AV Torn and Gholdengo, Volcarona is here because it is a near mandatory addition on HO in general imo as it is your valiant check and a broken tera abuser, MGyara helps vs rain/pult and gholdengo gives you extra insurance vs lele and unburden sneasler.

One other team I talked about in this post, and is a sample submission:
:cresselia: :skarmory: :toxapex: :garganacl: :gliscor: :lopunny-mega:
EDIT: Made Gliscor Knock over Facade, makes the fat MU better by knocking boots and skarm imo
EDIT 2: Made Glisc the rocker, and Garg Curse, Cress covert cloak

Tldr: stacking tera abusing wincons on fat rn might be one of the most consistent strategies rn imo. When playing this team, your main focus has to path the way for your wincons (cress/glisc/mlop/garg, id press skarm in some very specific cases) to farm the opposing team eventually, so identify their potential at team preview, identify what are your main progress makers, play accordingly and make sure you tera the right mon at the right time. While you often want to play the long game with this team, this is not meant to be played passively like a stall team: you have to constantly look for opportunities to try to force progress or even win the game with your win conditions.

Currently my take on teambuilding rn is that in a metagame where there is so much threats to account for you want to be as proactive as possible with your threats instead of trying to counter everything, and imo you want to use teams that can abuse tera to exacerbate their threats instead using it reactively to not lose to opposing threats. That's the main reason why right now pure hard stall is bad imo, as it feels kind of a huge opportunity cost as you are too busy trying to check everything while you could instead stack some of the numerous broken win conditions the tier has to offer thanks to tera.
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earlier in the thread, I posted about mildly successful nidoking teams I'd tried to shoehorn into the ladder. so, I asked my pal bruh to make a better team. well, today, folks, we have that team. I proudly present:

Xurkiyee aka bruh's king shit ft. spiky lads of healthy meta
:sv/nidoking: :sv/tornadus-therian: :sv/lopunny-mega: :sv/ferrothorn: :sv/toxapex: :sv/kingambit:

~*this is a sample submission*~
bruh (pee pee tower) peaked #1 on the ladder using this team (hi adriyun)
View attachment 511458
standard sets + sub nido. kingspam is real.
unfortunately i dont think he saved any replays at peak. using rounded elo numbers.
@1900 vs 1670 during the climb. this replay showcases how substitute flips matchups on their heads, particularly, blocking kingambit's sucker punches.
@1900 vs 1840 post peak gaming for rest of replays
@1880 vs 1810 despite losing LO, nidoking helps to demolish fat balance
@1900 vs 1600 but a good nidoking game
:garchomp: chainchomp and z chomp blast this team in the ass
:charizard-mega-y: is a pain for non-spdef pex
:great-tusk: can predict right and get a kill
:zapdos: off zappy is rly hard to handle :(
:diancie-mega: 4a hits everything, outspeeds most; 2x def boost hard to break

grats bruh + thanks for the team :)
I wanted to talk bout ur team if u have discord u can give me ur I'd I will dm
Having fun? ( i turned my life around and made a desc

Pretty average stall with a very CANCEROUS twist. You'll see why. I made quite a few people ragequit, and in tours.

The team:


This lopunny runs cc, fake out, u-turn and drain punch. Drain punch is to 1v1 Ferrothorn with helmet, and for recovery. The rest is the typical lopunny semi-stall or stall set. Lopunny is the only thing that can make good progress for the team, so I use it if my walls are up against something they can't damage or status.

Static Zapdos (Pretty much everywhere)
Rocky helmet Lando-T
Wisp pult


Rotom is one of the physical walls of the team, and while it doesn't have overly impressive bulk, a simple wisp can make it near unkillable. Defog is because stall teams need to switch and stuff. Volt switch, wisp, defog and foul play make it good against ddance sweepers and such

Status bc it has no recovery aside from lefties
Serperior? Do people use that? I came across it twice?

Toxapex :blobpex::blobpex::blobpex:

Physical wall, hazes if the unaware wall clefable is down, toxic, scald and recover spam for the win. not much to say


Unaware makes this able to 1v1 common ddance sweepers, if it tera steels, and Clefable functions as a special wall when nothing is set up. Not exactly best bulk, but the first line of defense against setup.


Random tera steels


Eats anything special attackers give, except for focus blast which it handles well but not the best, and psyshock. i use wish protect because of the soft-boiled nerf, and knock off is the only main problem to longevity, especially surprise knock offs.

Knock off mons
Lopunny on balance
Body press


They say it's RU, They suggest not to use it, do i care? No.
Aww, such a cute pika clone....
YOU WON'T BE SAYING THAT WHEN I REVIVE BLESSING ALL OVER YOUR FACE. Ok so yeah, pawmot is severely underrated but only because it is hard to fit on teams. Pawmot has surprise tera flying to get a potential double revive in, and the only real problem is mega diance which always chooses moonblast over earth power, denying any revives even with tera flying. The main component of the team, this thing reverses progress and tables the turns. This thing has won me so many games that I refuse to remove it. Nuzzle makes it partially have SOME utility, fake out is for stalling a few toxic turns, volt absorb is to waste turns by switching into volturn zapdos and wish is to fully recover the mons it revives. This thing is a menace to society. do i care? again, no. If anyone still plays stall, and a few do, but only in natdex like me, then use pawmot. it fits reasonably well on stall. trust me.

To those who never read all this: all you need to know is that it is stall and very cancer
VS your average rain team

VS offense
Battle in tour
Tour battle I thought I'd lose bc of blunders
Vs surprisingly decent team
VS standard Ting-Lu offense

Game with corv, the one game where i didn't win bc of forfeiting
dapeckneckmudkip vs. Comett7778 - Showdown! (
[Gen 9] National Dex replay: sendmonay vs. dapeckneckmudkip - Pokémon Showdown (
my opponent was nice tho

I swear all of these wins are bc of forfeits. This is the cancerousness of pawmot stall.
I'll add more replays when I have time
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Hey there. I made another team with my 3 favourite starter core but this time I added psuedo-legendaries + Kilowatrel + Tinkaton.

Here are the teams - - With Salamence - With Latios but here Infernape is Swords Dance instead of Nasty Plot because Latios is special. Work up Mega Sceptile is here because Latios has mystical fire for Scizor and other steels not named Heatran

Mega Sceptile is a source of speed control that can revenge kill Dragapult, Mega Lopunny and a chipped Zamazenta and blocks volt switch and has got a strong leaf storm. In the team with Salamence its an all out attacker but in the other team with Latios its a special attacker with pseudo breaking ability. Dragon Pulse takes care of Garchomp and the ladders favourite Kommo-o. Feraligatr is tera Water with 4 attacks and Liquidation with adamant sheer force is the selling point. Crunch for psychics, Ice Punch for Dragons and Aqua Jet for frail fires. The speed is for base 70s and some HP for a bit of bulk. Infernape is nasty plot with fightinium Z in the Mence team but is SD firium z in the Latios. They function as a special and physical set up attacker with Z to punch huge holes in the opp. Vaccum Wave and Mach Punch deal with Weavile and goddamm Kingambit. Salamence is dragon dance with tera flying and earthquake and sub to set up on Heatran and Toxapex and cleans up well with DD + Moxie. Toxapex can haze but it forces a catch 22 to Pex. Latios is scarf + 3 attacks. It outspeeds mega pert in rain and dracos and revenges mega lop on turn 1. Tinkaton is baloon which walls standard rocks chomp on turn 1 and sets up rocks even on mega diancie and twaves a lot. Great typing and I have gone with Bulk and adamant. Killowatrel is a fast pivot with specs and pseudo breaking power and hurricane. Yes hurricane misses but its put in work with Specs hurricane. Tera Blast Ice to smash those Landos and Chomps thinking I can block the volt switch. I sometimes ran Energy Ball over Leaf Storm on the work up sets which sometimes can allow a late game sweep and more consistent ways to hit water types but can miss out on important kos like on Mega Medicham or Tapu Koko without Leaf Storm.

Below are some replays - - Peak 1702 with RTSG 4 _ Peak 1762 with Roadrasher 2

The above was a variation where I used Garchomp with defog Klefki for prankster twave and defogging plus switching into Kommo-o to block clangorous soul blaze.
Garchomp is loaded dice for scale shot hits and Tera Fire to prevent burns and revenge kill attempts. Tera Blast can work too but fire fang is more convenient. - Killowatrel ohkoing Lando

I basically wanted to challenge myself with a lower tier to the top project and I believe in succeeded in it by going above 1600. However, I admit the stall match up is indeed bad but since the ladder didn't run much stall, I was able to succeed on the ladder in context.

Attaching screenshots as proof of peak


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Mega-Charizard-Y Hyper Offense
zard bo (

This team mostly is based around Zard-Y breaking through tougher pokemon to Ko and allowing teammates such as Volcanarola, Dragapult and Dnite to finish the job. Charizard boosts great tusks' offensive power even further, and it also boosts volcanarola's stab flamethrower. this team is a little more flexible, however so even without sun it can do fine.
:charizard-mega-y: As mentioned before deals with practically all defensive mons except tera grass heatran, and specially defensive toxapex and skeledirge, those being threats to its existence.
:Volcarona: a broken sweeper that does INSANE damage to lots of pokemon before going down, possibly even sweeping with only 1 QD.
:Kingambit: Do I even need to mention the KING of national dex ou? Its a great late game cleaner, can hit really hard. It dislikes great tusk, but if you want to replace tera dark with tera fly you can somewhat change that issue.
:Dragapult: With Ghostium z and Dragon dance + subsitute, this pokemon is sure to do imense work every battle. It six-0s most psychic spam teams. Gambit is a issue, but we do have Great tusk so it can be managed.
:Great tusk: Hes the utility on this team. Im not sure if that still makes this a HO team, but greak tusk can KO lando-t, set rocks, and spin them away. I chose it over great tusk as char-Y powers it up with Protosynthesis and sun.
:Dragonite: A powerful sweeper and cleaner. DD and tera normal espeed are a powerful combo but by now u have definetly heard it alot. Ferrothorn threateans this, but practically all the other mons KO it anyway so its a non-issue. If you are worried about it for some reason, just run fire punch over roost. Air balloon Ghold walls this too but its really the same with ferrothorn.
overall, its a powerful team with alot of potential.
if u wanna discuss the team msg me ig
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Ever thought: I wish heatran had 417 speed allowing it to outspeed every unboosted viable mon (If you pretend dragapult doesn’t exist) and KO everything with eruption? Well, now it has!



Rillaboom: Sets up terrain, good revenge killer with priority Grassy Glide, hits very hard with Wood Hammer, can switch out with U-turn. What’s not to like?


Great Tusk: Physical wall and hazard removal. Bulk Up allows it to keep up with physical setup sweepers like those who love to spam dragon dance and, under the right circumstances, make Tusk a win condition in its own right. The combination of Body Press and Ice Spinner in particular make it able to deal with Dragonite very consistently, be it under its regular typing or having terastallized normal + Ice Spinner is good vs flying types in general. Finally, grassy terrain pairs with leftovers for a nice passive recovery.

Possible issue: The only Great Tusk in the world to be walled by Gholdengo.


Sneasler: Eats grassy seed, doubles speed, clicks swords dance, wins. This thing is broken lol, though I’ve been mostly using the set that is kind of walled by Gholdengo, if this is too much of a problem consider running Fire Punch or Night Slash instead of Acrobatics.


Heatran: Not your usual Heatran. Can deal massive damage with Eruption and tends to catch people off guard. With the potential to at least 2hko most of the meta this set works best as a cleaner or revenge killer, try to keep Heatran from taking damage for maximum Eruption power. Grassy terrain helps it recover any chip and ensures Eruption remains strong.

Possible issue: 99% of pokémon with scarf or speed boosting moves will outspeed this at +1 and even some unboosted ones (Dragapult most notably, but also Mega Aerodactyl, Zeraora and Mega Beedrill)


Mega Charizard Y: Besides being an excellent special wallbreaker I feel it also has good synergy with other mons on the team: Rillaboom and Charizard are a good combo for dealing with rain teams while drought activates Tusk’s Protosynthesis and boosts Heatran’s fire moves. Still not entirely sure on whether Air Slash or Roost is best.


Blissey: Special wall, sets Stealth Rock and can bring in teammates safely with Teleport. Pretty straightforward.



Opposing Heatran: Immune to Eruption, Magma Storm can be rather scary versus the rest of the team especially under the sun, while also having the potential to trap and taunt Blissey. Can be dealt with ground or fighting moves on the team, or flying and poison if it terastallizes grass. Some sets might outspeed Great Tusk.


Zapdos: Is a decent check against all 3 physical attackers in the team and at the same time Heatran and Charizard will not always want to switch into it. Best play is to switch in Blissey and use teleport to bring Charizard or Heatran if either are in a position to get rid of Zapdos.


Kingambit in the late game: Keep Great Tusk healthy if your opponent has one and you should be fine.
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Weavile + Sneasler = Stupidity
Turns out Sneasler and Weavile work pretty well together (Both are fragile but strong AF so i decided to cook something interersting).

:weavile:is the Main Setup Sweeper being a already strong Pokemon (120 Base Attack) and having Good Moves Including Ice Shard, Knock Off, Triple Axel, Swords Dance , Pursuit and a lot more. Because the good Movepool of :Weavile: I decided to make it a Sword Dance set (Already Have A :Choice Band: User) so it can Murder Stall Mons Including: :Clodsire: , :Garganacl: (After SD) , :Gliscor: , :Great Tusk: , :Landorus-Therian: And a lot more. I Also Gave :Weavile: Ice Shard For Priority.

:Sneasler:Is a Fucking Beast when it comes to Murdering shit Having sets like Unburden + :Misty-Seed: or a :Choice Band: / :choice-Scarf: set Though i Chose for :Choice Band: Due to :Weavile: Already Doing The Sword Dancing (I have considered a :Misty-Seed: + Unburden Set). With The Ability Poison Touch Sneasler Has Every Move 30% to Poison(12.5% damage each turn). Sneasler's Movepool is Great having Moves like: Close Combat , Dire Claw Night Slash Fire Punch U-Turn and more. I Gave Sneasler Dire Claw And Close Combat for STAB Nightslash for Ghost Coverage and U-Turn For Pivoting.

:Kingambit:just does Braindead Things he Sucker Punches All Day Long Pursuit Traps Every Psychic Mon he can beat and uses Knock Off to get rid of items. I gave this :Kingambit: an :Assault Vest: so it can take Special Hits better. Additionally I chose Defiant over Supreme Overlord so Defog becomes a risk to use because :kingambit: will become +2 Attack

:Tapu-fini:is the Main Special Attacker having a OK 95 Base Special Attack and a Good Movepool with Moves like Calm Mind Draining Kiss Scald and more. I Chose for A Z-Move + Calm Mind so i gave it Hydro Pump , Moonblast , Nature's Madness and Calm Mind and i gave it a :waterium-Z: so Hydro Pump (110BP turns Into a 185BP Hydro Vortex. BTW HOW THE FUCK DOES THIS NOT HAVE SHELL SMASH BUT :gorebyss: AND :huntail: DO.

:great-tusk:is the Hazard control on the team Due to having Good Bulk a Decent Movepool Including Knock
Off Earthquake Body Press Close Combat and more. Initially i thought on using :landorus-therian: but decided against it because of the 4x Ice Weakness.
I chose to make :great-tusk: defensive with :leftovers: with Stealth Rocks.

:Zapdos:is the main Defensive mon stopping Physical Attackers from just spamming contact moves (Due to Static Para Chances). Additionally :Zapdos: has Good Bulk (90 HP 85 Defense 90 Sp. Def) a Good Movepool: Thunderbolt, Hurricane, Volt-Switch, U-turn, Defog , Roost and more. I Chose U-turn over Volt-Switch because of the fact that it doesnt get blocked by Ground Types / Volt Absorb

Stall Mons Like :garganacl: and :toxapex: are just FUCKING annoying.

:tapu-lele: kills most of the team in 1 shot the normal option i choose is to go :tapu-fini: or :zapdos: , if :Zapdos: and :tapu-fini: are dead the best course of action is to just pivot around between :sneasler: and :Kingambit:


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Sneasler + SD Gliscor Fat Hazardstack
:sneasler: :gliscor: :mew: :hippowdon: :gholdengo: :mantine:

This IS A sample submission

A fun little bootspam fat team I made, centered around HOME newcomer sneasler and sd gliscor

@ :heavy-duty-boots:
Smogon's newest rng bs mon, it's got a great speed tier and strong offensive stats, while also packing a useful ability in poison touch and a great movepool. Its primary job is to spread poison to keep the opponent constantly chipped, making it easy for it to sweep later on or open up an avenue for gliscor to end the game

@ :toxic-orb:
Just a generally stellar mon, it's got absurd longevity and packs a potent threat in swords dance, being able to outlast all of its checks. Likes poison support from sneasler keeping all its checks at low hp, especially when combined with spikes and stealth rocks to constantly wear down answers like tusk or other grounded mons

@ :heavy-duty-boots:
Great role compression mon, it's got a lot of traits that other great pokemon have. Its 100 in every stat gives good mixed bulk, even on the uninvested side, allowing it to check mons like mixed ival or mmedi handily, especially when paired with the wisp support it brings for gambit or zama, and the ability to set up spikes while it's walling mons, forcing in foggers or spinners and making them take massive damage from spikes, rocks, burn chip or ice beams. Highly suggest building something with it at some point.

@ :leftovers:
Thugnar staple hippowdown is a great pick for this team, normally chary would give it massive issues, as I have only one mon that can even outspeed it, so slotting hippo to make the sun matchup considerably easier makes my day a lot better vs almost every weather team (except sand, but they rely on exca for hazard control, who's incredibly easy to kill with spikes) not even to count its great bulk, ability to toxic and a reliable rocker, able to keep rocks up quite easily and force loads of progress while doing so.

@ :heavy-duty-boots:
It's a hazardstack team, so string cheese man was bound to rear its head. Gholdengo is a stupid pokemon, it's got amazing typing, good bulk, a movepool that means you can't leave it alone for too long, a phenomenal ability, and just about everything you'd want on a hazardstack team. Play it right and your spikes/rocks are never going to go down, much to the annoyance of your opponent

@ :heavy-duty-boots:
Mantine feels kind of slept on in the current metagame, it's got a lot of appealing qualities, namely its amazing ability- water absorb, letting it almost completely stuff rain teams solo. It's great special bulk, clocking in at a whopping 85/140, allowing it to take hits well, and a solid defense stat when invested. This pokemon has a habit of being able to just stand there and fire back with hurricanes and scalds constantly, being able to burn problematic mons that'd normally give this team issues, like urshifu-rs, mscizor or kingambit, heavily cutting the amount of damage they can do

Things to watch out for:
:nidoking: nido has a habit of being a super big fish into fat teams, as nothing outspeeds it or lives 2 hits, making it incredibly annoying to deal with

:charizard-mega-y: just because this team has hippo does not mean it instantly deletes chary out of existence, if your opponent plays well and is able to keep rocks off consistently, it'll start chewing a whole through your team if you're not careful

:tapu-koko: :grimmsnarl: screens ho is a right pain in the ass for this team, the best course of action is to fish for dire claw hax on the lead and if it doesn't work, batten down the hatches because you're in for a rough game
Salamence + Mega Scizor HO

Hey, I wanted to build around my boy Salamence in Nat Dex so I went for Rockium Z with Dragon Dance to lure Zapdos so that mega scizor could sweep. Dual Wingbeat is needed for flying stab and breaking random sashes but its accuracy and making contact is so annoying. Earthquake is of course for Heatran. Mega Scizor is Swords Dance + Dual Wingbeat to hit stuff neutrally. Close Combat for steels and Bullet Punch for priority the speed is to outspeed base 70s at neutral. Hydreigon is nasty plot with fire blast to massive damage to corv, dark pulse for stab and earth power for Heatran. Tera Steel helps Hydrei a lot. Azelf taunt and sets up rocks and the evs are to live a fake out + return from Mega Lopunny. Grimmsnarl is for screens and scarf Sandy shocks is just for pivoting and volt switching and pseduo speed control. This team is a bit weak to unaware but its fun and stall is less common on the ladder these days.

Here are the replays of them - -Peak 1692 beating unaware

Peak exceeded on my previous teams and I use variations of them. I used my signature starter - Mega Sceptile, Feraligatr and Infernape + pseduo legendary Dragon and in once case a full legendary Dragon and now I hit 1754 with this team. This team has Killowatel and Tinakton on it. I have explained in my previous posts already the explanation behind the teams but I just wanted to share that overrode my peak for once with the Latios team. Paste of the team below and this was part of a lower tier challenge.

Additional Note I kept alternating between Energy Ball and Leaf Storm on Mega Sceptile on the work up set. Work up set allowed it to clean sometimes late game. Another variation I tried was with sub seed on Mega Sceptile with dual stabs but not consistent. Replays below

Proof of Peak - -Beating hyper offence - Beating Webs Vs Mega Venusaur fat

I also used a variation of a team with Jolteon here and the replays and with Calm Mind Jolteon with Tera Flying. I like to believe it can work but needs consistency and I couldn't find that but here are some replays. This one has DD Salamence and nasty plot Infernape with Z and similar to my prev team with Killowatrel but here I added Jolteon. Part of the lower tier challenge to Top 500. - Peak 1686

I know its a little bit annoying to post the stuff that I already posted before but I just wanted to proof that I did more with the team than I expected (overriding peak) that's all. I hope all can understand the reason for the same.


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since tera is hanging around, here's some teams i like to use and/or have made or modified in the post-HOME world. im not the best but hoping this post inspires some building. no sample sub, although the first team in here is Xurkiyee's and he qualified for NDLT with it (roughly top 10 on the ladder).
:enamorus: :serperior: :shuckle: :kingambit: :great-tusk: :dragapult:
by now you may have seen that i use a lot of bruh (Xurkiyee)'s teams, and this one's no exception, though, i personally replaced great tusk and pult in a couple variations:
:enamorus: :serperior: :shuckle: :kingambit: :kommo-o: :gholdengo:
:shuckle: :gholdengo: :kingambit: :kommo-o: :enamorus: :garchomp-mega:
:gliscor: :serperior: :shuckle: :kingambit: :kommo-o: :gholdengo:
bonus webs:
:shuckle: :diancie-mega: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :baxcalibur: :sneasler: :gholdengo:
:scizor-mega: :garchomp: :volcarona: :jirachi: :hawlucha: :tapu-koko:
so we have yet another Koko screens team, which is an offshoot of the below team. got some heat w/ trailblaze mzor and loaded dice chomp. tblaze is a highly underrated set which can flip matchups like sun and psychic terrain around. I recommend experimenting more with scizor-mega beyond the bog standard sets. extremely good team in my testing. PS I have been messing with aura sphere vs drain punch on jirachi hence the weird spread. feel free to slot in rocks on rachi or chomp as well.
:tapu-koko: :gyarados-mega: :cresselia: :kommo-o: :volcarona: :kingambit:
edited Taka's zeraora screens team posted in the NDWC III set dump thread (hidden in their builder)
replaced zera, pult, for cress, kommo, and while yea some elec spam could be tough, there's a few ways around it. elec seed cress bc someone owned me w/ kee berry while doing tera reqs lol (both are pretty good).
:charizard-mega-y: :great-tusk: :hatterene: :tyranitar: :garganacl: :baxcalibur:
stole some spreads from Unowndragon & peap and I think the ttar set is from adem's char y sand. i actually really like this team a lot and find it easy to pilot, especially since there are some cracked tera abusers here. can replace bax with a few other options like kart, landorus (offensive)
:charizard-mega-y: :great-tusk: :weavile: :ferrothorn: :dragapult: :rotom-wash:
based on another Taka team in the NDWC III builder. made weavile band over SD low kick. could prob run icium z on tusk. another solid sun team that is consistent.
:lopunny-mega: :jirachi: :dragapult: :rotom-wash: :kingambit: :landorus-therian:
based on a diancie-mega hexpult team that hidin made. mono-attacking pult can be substituted w/ dragon darts.
:lopunny-mega: :kyurem: :gliscor: :tapu-lele: :gholdengo: :kingambit:
just a basic kyulop cuz i wanted to build a generic team that would not lose to many MUs lol
:venusaur-mega: :landorus-therian: :iron-valiant: :kartana: :tapu-koko: :heatran:
based on a team about15guys made during NDWC III. shoutout to tera normal return kart. very balanced xd z giga impact who???
:venusaur-mega: :dragapult: :tapu-lele: :blaziken: :landorus-therian: :heatran:
wanted to use blaziken & mvenu. good for quick wins up to 1600.
:venusaur-mega: :blaziken: :dragapult: :tapu-lele: :landorus-therian: :heatran:
same deal as above, just a slightly different team, more balanced/refined and probably just better overall. mvenu is the GOAT; answers so many things at once & can run a few sets too.
:venusaur-mega: :hatterene: :great-tusk: :zapdos: :heatran: :greninja:
scarf protgren bc i wanted to use it. the set still hits meta threats, but def not a standout mon anymore. still, this team is alright and i'm going to work at protgren some more... :copium:

s/o to serp & mvenu, underrated af
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3rd sample team

1900s Gen 9 artozolt hail/snow team (peaked 8th ) :arctozolt:

since with tera staying theres no hope that dracovish will ever get unbanned so this is the best alternative which i ended up getting pretty high with it
:arctozolt: :Skarmory: :clodsire: :slowking: :volcarona: :gliscor:

to tired to make a summary sorry but the team is fat with slowking being able to piviot into arctozolt for the sweep the team also 6 0s any stall match cause theres no mon switching in tera electric boltbeak plus fs

most of the sets are specific too high ladder like toxic on skarm or haze on clod but these can be switched for more optimal sets

p.s gambit broken pls ban tera pls unban dracofish 252+ Atk Choice Band Strong Jaw Tera Water Dracovish Fishious Rend (170 BP) vs. 56 HP / 236 Def Kyurem in Rain: 457-538 (112.8 - 132.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO

fixed the link sorry wasnt working for some reason
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This is for Sample Submission.

The team I used for NDLT and some small tours, managed to achieve 1885 but I've decided to stop using it anymore (probably), so just let me put it here. M-medi is fantastic in the meta rn, especially when m-sableye isn't so popular. It's cc OHKO almost everything (notably 2HKO corv). Double priorities allow it to revenge kill many opponents and fake out works wonderful with grassy terrain to gain longevity. Rila outspeeds defensive zap. Gambit checks lele/pult/ghold etc. And yes, I wanna introduce:

Firium Z Dragapult

Probably the best pult set now. Outspeeds m-lop and can survive from +2 m-scizor bullet punch. Firium Z protects you from being OHKOed by KOs. Will-o-wisp lures gambit. Trust me in this: nobody will click sucker punch after seeing a burn and u're free to click firium Z now.

The rest is pretty standard. Zap for physical attacks and garg for special attacks. Tera water garg basically free wins sun/rain.


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Healing Wish + Iron Hands & Greninja
:jirachi: :iron hands: :greninja: :kingambit: :landorus-therian: :latias-mega:
(I think the spreads/individual sets could be better, still hesitant about the steels and Hands' spreads, if Gambit should be SD, or if Gren should be an other item)

I honestly think Iron Hands is super slept on right now, both as a very threatening win condition and also as a strong kingambit check. It is honestly very funny to see all the ressources some teams have to spend to put Iron Hands in KO range of something just for it to be healed back to full thanks to Healing Wish. You guessed it, that's the idea behind the team. Jirachi itself honestly isn't that bad as a mon, as it is a great Lele check while not being that bad against Iron Valiant either, which Iron Hands obviously appreciate, while potentially baiting Kingambit itself for Iron Hands to take advantage of. HWish M-Lopunny could probably work too, although you'd probably have to build the team differently.

I'm lazy to give the detailed building reasoning tbh but in a nutshell: I tried some stuff that weren't rly satisfying at first - the team often ended up being way too slow - and eventually tried out Battle Bond gren because the mon felt a bit annoying to face on the ladder and I wanted to see myself if the mon actually has merit or not. Turns out, it's actually decent, and can be very dangerous late game into some stuff (like some physdef rotom-w BOs), and gave the team an interesting other win condition. I slapped a Gambit, lando compress elec immune/ground immune/fighting resist/rocks, and offensive m-latias is here to slot defog/rotom-w+ID zamazenta answer/grass resist.
EDIT: I wanted to mention: there was some talk about offensive M-Latias vs offensive M-Latios in the ndcord, and I tried both. My impressions so far are that you don't really notice the power difference, while you do notice the bulk difference, especially against Kingambit and crunch ID zama, so it might be worth.

Honestly I didn't think through the synergy of the team much, it's rly just rachi+hands+4 good pokemon that gives me the ability to play around stuff. I still think the team is decent though, and showcases Iron Hands pretty well.

TLDR: Build & use Iron Hands, it's good.
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big stall tm (Peaked 1550)
Copy of The question is, Did You Have Fun? (

Before this stall team, I ran a stall team similar to this, but with a pawmot to revive fainted team members. I thought that team was cool, but it struggled against some wallbreakers, and it either completely walled, or completely died to some teams. Here's the new one.

The pawmot team if you want to know: hey ( Untitled 36 ( Having fun? (
(I learned far too late that they weren't viable, but it was the most fun team EVER)
Also guys, I'm not a Hardcore Staller, I swear. I ran HO and psyspam before and they were fun. anywayss, back to sadism

your inner demons (Clefable) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Unaware
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 252 HP / 80 Def / 4 SpA / 172 SpD
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Moonblast
- Wish
- Focus Blast
- Protect

Clefable's job is to use unaware and provide backup for when blissey is down. Focus blast removes kingambit, which seems to be a major threat to the team, and it would take further DEFENSIVE investment to remove it when I can just use focus blast as a surprise move. And when focus blast misses, we forfeit. JK, tera water clef and dozo can handle gambit okishly once gambit teras. The spread is to be a mixed but mainly special unaware wall, and wish protect is because soft boiled pp got a huge nerf (I HATE GF). I used to run rocks on this, but rocks are already on blissey, which is fine for me.
satan (Toxapex) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Regenerator
Tera Type: Dark
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Scald
- Haze
- Recover
- Toxic Spikes

the description is in the nickname

egg (Blissey) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Natural Cure
Tera Type: Poison
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Soft-Boiled
- Stealth Rock
- Seismic toss/Counter
- Aromatherapy

Blissey sets up rocks on a thing it walls, it aromatherapies, it seismic tosses if necessary, or counters to be a surprise NUKE, and it goes out as soon as a physical threat comes in. Simple. The blissey set is OVERWHELMINGLY passive, and it is not desirable to be up against a ghost type special attacker, e.g gholdengo. Therefore, I use my own gholdengo, which has a scarf to beat such things.

string cheese man (Gholdengo) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Good as Gold
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Psychic
- Trick
- Make It Rain
- Shadow Ball
Since this team uses hazards primarily to deal damage, good as gold is infinitely valuable, but if there's an offensive fogger, then don't risk it unless you really need to. Scarf is a surprise set which sees too little usage on stall, and can be used to beat other gholdengo. This set uses psychic to remove tusk, as it is very threatening on non balloon gholdengo, and is a rapid spin user. Tera water is to beat charizard Y, which can be a problem to the team.

ur mom (Dondozo) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Unaware
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Atk / 116 Def / 136 SpD
Impish Nature
- Rest
- Curse
- Sleep Talk
- Waterfall

The standard rest-talk set, it is a physical unaware wall with mixed bulk spreads, and is the wincon-ish mon of the team. Often others forget unaware and set up on it, which we love. See for more. The set walls most setup sweepers.

Lopunny-Mega @ Lopunnite
Ability: Cute Charm
Tera Type: Normal
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Fake Out
- Return
- Close Combat
- U-turn

A pivot mon, it is a necessity on stall, since Sabeleye is bad now. lol im lazy lazy lazy haha.

[Gen 9] National Dex replay: 503844a vs. dapeckneckmudkip - Pokémon Showdown (
Replays - Pokémon Showdown (
Replays - Pokémon Showdown (
Replays - Pokémon Showdown (

Now, have fun inflicting pain on others using this team
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SAMPLE SUBMISSION (either team ig or maybe just the Hawlucha variant if Sneasler gets banned)

Good day folks, I've finally decided to share this build with the masses following the results of the most recent tera suspect test. With my quota of 2 games a day, I was able to cakewalk with both versions of this team to top 10 on the ladder, with the latter used to get reqs for the tera suspect test.

New Breed: KokoLucha

10 Bandz: KokoSneasler

Though I am no stranger to the KokoLucha offensive core, the build was inspired by Team US NE + Canada following Week 1 of NDWC, where many of their players had loaded an electric terrain offense including the likes of Hawlucha, Iron Valiant and Iron Moth.

The team
  • Tapu Koko with the big Shuca to eat EQs and drop the tier's premier grounds (barring KING LU) with Dazzling Gleam + HP Ice. Tera Grass in a pinch if you really need to live a big EQ.
  • This slot started off as Iron Thorns (it had good offensive synergy with Hawlucha okay please don't judge), but I later changed it to Loaded Dice Baxcalibur because of its phenomenal offensive synergy with the KokoLucha core and devastating wallbreaking prowess. Tera Fairy is used to work around Fighting + Dragon types, but Tera Steel works just fine as well. This tera slot is really flexible, but because this is an Adamant natured Baxcalibur, I prefer that the Tera type is used to bolster its defensive matchup to allow it to set up more easily. A Jolly nature can be used to outspeed Scarf Gholdengo variants.
  • Landorus-T's newfound access to Taunt made it an even stronger suicide lead that can both set rocks, as well as prevent hazard setting/removal. Tera Water is used to work around Surging Strikes Urshifu. Can opt for Tera Ghost to prevent Rapid Spin.
  • Jirachi's defensive profile offers the team a Lele check and Toxic immunity. Furthermore, the combination of Z-Happy Hour + Stored Power help soften Unaware users in Skeledirge, Clodsire, and Dondozo who would normally check the team's other sweepers. Additionally, this set runs Substitute to play around Kingambit's Sucker Punch and Garganacl's Salt Cure.
  • The team's Zard Y check. Sometimes does a funny thing called Tera Normal ExtremeSpeed that does very bad things to other teams. Has a Lum Berry to ease setup.
  • Thanks to Substitute Hawlucha has an easier time setting up, and can make use of Tera Steel to flip matchups against Psychic, Fairy, Ice, and Flying type attackers to set up even further.
  • Though it sports one of the best offensive STAB combinations, it is walled by the likes of Zapdos, Gholdengo, and other Unaware walls.
  • With a blistering 130 base attack stat, Sneasler is immediately threatening without having to set up.
  • Prospective walls are subject to very evil haxx by way of Dire Claw.
  • Will often expend Tera in order to maximize sweeping potential with a very powerful Acrobatics.


  • Kingambit up to its usual anti-offense shenanigans. Jirachi setting up a Substitute on a Sucker Punch can goob him. Hawlucha/Sneasler/Tera Fairy Bax can be used to ease the matchup against Sucker Punch.
  • Mega Scizor can go crazy against the KokoSneasler variant, but Sneasler should be able to live a boosted Bullet Punch and deal serious chip with Close Combat. Hawlucha variant does just fine in this department, with Tera Steel walling Mega Scizor.
  • IronPress Zama can be a challenge for the team if Jirachi goes down. Try your best to preserve Koko + Jirachi if you see this mon on the other side.
  • Though Dragonite's typing allows it to check Urshifu-Rapid, it is not recommended to utilize Dragonite for that purpose as it is better served as a mid-to-late game sweeper. Therefore Urshifu-Rapid exerts enough pressure on the team to force Tera from either lead Lando (if you want to ensure Stealth Rock goes up) or Baxcalibur, as Koko, Hawlucha, Sneasler and Jirachi will fold to its STAB combination. Do not try to set up in front of this mon.

blunder + Sama co-sign (Agency certified banger)

31:56 is where The Agency declares this team to be the greatest HO build of all time.

Enjoy using this shiest.

Shout out Whole Lotta Agents :afrostar:
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Completely agree. Let's talk National Dex. With the recent terastalization vote solidifying the fact tera is here to stay I think its time we start discussing some threats that I think will be staples of the metagame. The most slept on of these, in my opinion, being Meganium. This mon is simply incredible in the current meta.. For starters, meganium absolutely wrecks common Koko/Ival structures with the right tera. It can infamously beat Heatran by using tera ground to live the Fire attack and hit back with a tera boosted Earth attack! Another big advantage Meganium offers is being an incredible answer to rain, tanking hits from Mega swampart, Barraskewda, etc with ease. This is really just the tip of the iceberg, as such I think it's time we start seriously considering Meganium as a meta staple.

Built out of respect for the totally valid points brought up in the now deleted metagame post peaked like 1830 with it.

Shoutout blunder for running it back with this team.

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